The Mission
"Educate the general public, inspire kids to work hard in school and aim high in life, have fun."

Alex with The Hoppers

The Hoppers are a group of private individuals who donate their time and money, exhibiting Jet Warbirds.

The team is currently flying five L-39 jets. Hack, Skids, and Grasshopper are also part of the FighterTour team.

It is important to acknowledge the human sacrifice and the technical achievement by mankind that has occurred in order for a group like ours to exist. The task we are entrusted with is demonstrating these airplanes that come from countries, formally at odds with the United States. It is important for people to remember and for young kids to learn, so that history does not repeat itself. We have made friends with many people from former Communist countries and it is not uncommon for a Hopper to be on his cell phone with someone from Czechoslovakia or Russia on their cell phone, ordering a part or solving a technical issue. Hack was trained by a former Russian instructor pilot who now lives in the United States. Mildred, Grasshopper, and Skids were trained by a former USAF instructor pilot.

We have been fortunate through these jets to interact with many people from the Unites States military and ask that you join us in tribute to all of the men and women who serve our country.

The key to our mission is interacting with the kids at airshows. The Hoppers have been blessed through hard work and a little luck to be in a position to fly these planes.

Hack with Kids

When a kid comes up to us at an airshow with their eyes lit up because they are close to a jet, we love it. Our goal is for kids to gain an appreciation of what these jets are all about and to walk away thinking "I could do that too. All I have to do is work hard in school and think BIG!"

Alex with GearNeedless to say, interacting with kids and flying these jets is one of the most fun things we do. As Mildred says, "I enjoy demonstrating the L-39 flight capabilities and formation/aerobatic maneuvering as a flight team. But. . . my greatest pleasure is meeting kids everywhere, who share a fascination for jet airplanes." If you see us at an airshow, please be sure to stop by and say hello.